Chuck Carroll

Wireless Consultant

Hi! My name is Chuck and I'm a wireless professional with more than a decade of combined experience in the wireless/mobile industry. I've worked within various fields including site acquisition, digital marketing, B2C sales, and service & repair. I've also helped develop strategy and been the voice of major global companies including Qualcomm, HTC, and Google.

When I'm not doing these things, I'm rolling around on the ground training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or tinkering with computers.

Want to say hi? Feel free to drop me an email at 'chuck' at ''.

Professional Experience

Project Coordinator
Capital Design Services, LLC | Primary Client: Verizon Wireless
2023 - Present | Remote

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Wireless Consultant
Independent Contractor | Client: Capital Design Services, LLC
2022 - 2023 | Remote

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Web & Digital Marketing Consultant
Freelance | Client(s): Le Nguyen Academy
2022 - Present | Remote

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Community Manager (Consultant/Temp)
Wunderman Thompson | Client: Qualcomm
2021 - 2022 | Remote

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Project Coordinator
Black Rock Consulting & Development | Primary Client: Verizon Wireless
2018 - 2021 | Remote

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Data Analyst
Swift | Primary Clients: HTC, Google, Nestle
2016 - 2017 | Portland, OR

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Community Manager
Swift | Primary Clients: HTC, Google
2014 - 2017 | Portland, OR

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Wireless Consultant / Service & Repair Technician
Arch Telecom | Sprint Preferred Retailer
2013 - 2014 | Portland, OR

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Certifications & Education Summary

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Project Management Institute
Pass - Above Target
Obtained: 2022

Portland State University
Bachelor of Science
Majors: Psychology & Sociology
Minor: Philosophy
2009 - 2012
Activities: Psi Chi; Psychology Club

Portland Community College
Associate of Arts
Major: Oregon Transfer Degree
2006 - 2009
Dean's List: Spring 2007, Summer 2009
Honor's List: Winter 2008, Spring 2009

Volunteer History

Research Assistant
Portland State University | Daily Process Resarch Lab of Dr Cynthia Mohr PhD
2012 (6 months)

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

Youth Mentor
SE Works
2010 - 2012

Duties & Responsibilities ↓

System Evaluation Intern
Free Geek
2011 - 2012

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Electronic Frontier Foundation
Supporting Member Gold Level
2020 - Present

Description ↓ The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Founded in 1990, EFF champions user privacy, free expression, and innovation through impact litigation, policy analysis, grassroots activism, and technology development. EFF's mission is to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.

Free Software Foundation
Annual Associate Member
2020 - Present

Description ↓ The Free Software Foundation was founded in 1985, to support the free software movement, which promotes the universal freedom to study, distribute, create, and modify computer software, with the organization's preference for software being distributed under copyleft ("share alike") terms, such as with its own GNU General Public License. The FSF's employees and volunteers have mostly worked on legal and structural issues for the free software movement and the free software community. Consistent with its goals, the FSF aims to use only free software on its own computers.


I worked with Chuck on a variety of Site Acquisition projects over the course of several years. He is adaptive, collaborative, and dedicated to doing quality work. He consistently maintains a productive attitude, and has a great mind for problem-solving and leveraging efficiency. These qualities make him an asset to any team.
- Brandon Clower, Site Acquisition Manager - Capital Design Services

"Chuck and I worked together at Swift as social media community managers for HTC. He was our resident wireless and mobile expert, which helped the client reach the tech enthusiast audience. He was our go-to person for technical questions and helped elevate the overall knowledge and quality of the community management team. He's also really good at hacky-sack."
- Michael Leveton, Digital Marketing Specialist

"Mr. Carroll is a true social media expert. I hired him for social media strategy and tactics. He explained the industry and technology in very easy to understand fashion. He developed a highly successful content strategy based on marketing and psychology principles. 5 Stars."
- Chase Morinaka, Estate Planning and Business Lawyer

"Chuck was one of the employees I supported during my time at Swift. As a member of the IT team, I was used to dealing with the occasional silly question or easy-to-knock-out ticket for setting up a printer or something equally as mundane. Chuck is one of those users that I loved though because his questions were always ones that made me think, and I never had to worry about something being overlooked before he came to me for help. He's genuine, thorough, and has a keen analytical mind. Any team would benefit from having him as a member!"
- Dan Marshall, Technical Consultant | Author | Public Speaker